Beta57 BiDaily Trawl February 3, 2014

The collected detritus and flotsam from my internet browsing ends up collated at Here’s what I’ve been linking to recently:

  • American Conservatives simply cannot understand an America where everyone isn't small and petty.
  • "To see Philip Seymour Hoffman even in films that you hated was to come away awed."
  • "We're part of the same society. And it’s either going to be a mediocre society that abuses people or it’s not."
  • Woody Allen’s Good Name, by @zunguzungu
    What is the burden of proof for assuming that a person is lying? If you are a famous film director, it turns out to be quite high. You don’t have to say a word in your defense, in fact, and people who have directed documentaries about you will write lengthy essays in the Daily Beast tearing down the testimony of your accusers. You can just go about your life making movie after movie, and it’s fine. But if you are a woman who has accused a great film director of molesting you when you were seven, the starting point is the presumption that, without real evidence, you are not telling the truth. In the court of public opinion, a woman accusing a great film director of raping her has no credibility which his fans are bound to respect. He has something to lose, his good name. She does not, because she does not have a good name. She is living in hiding, under an assumed name. And when she is silent, the Daily Beast does not rise to her defense.
  • It Is Expensive to Be Poor – Atlantic Mobile
    “These jobs are a trap: They pay so little that you cannot accumulate even a couple of hundred dollars to help you make the transition to a better-paying job. They often give you no control over your work schedule, making it impossible to arrange for child care or take a second job. And in many of these jobs, even young women soon begin to experience the physical deterioration—especially knee and back problems—that can bring a painful end to their work life.”
  • The political decisions that underpinned Atlanta's gridlock
    “What happened in Atlanta this week is not a matter of Southerners blindsided by unpredictable weather. More than any event I’ve witnessed in two decades of living in and writing about this city, this snowstorm underscores the horrible history of suburban sprawl in the United States and the bad political decisions that drive it. It tells us something not just about what’s wrong with one city in America today but what can happen when disaster strikes many places across the country. As with famines in foreign lands, it’s important to understand: It’s not an act of nature or God—this fiasco is manmade from start to finish.”
  • Millions Are Now Realizing They're Too Poor For Obamacare
  • Benefits Street: the neoliberalism in our souls?
  • This Is Your Minimum Wage Worker
    “Better yet – I want somebody, teenaged or not, to work like they know every single step they make is only making them $7.25 an hour. I want to watch an entire horde of annoyed, angry, slow-moving people who roll their eyes at the tiniest infraction because, in the words of John Caparulo, for minimum wage, you’re lucky they’re wearing pants.”

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